Down the drain

Just chuck it all in there.

Just chuck it all in there.

I was doing the washing up at my friends’ place the other day after they cooked me a delicious matzo ball soup for dinner. It was actually the first time I’d ever eaten matzo balls, and I can tell you they are very tasty. I can also tell you that matzoh meal dumplings make for a very messy soup pot.

So there I was, scrubbing away like the good house guest that I was, disbursing chunks of matzoh meal into my hosts’ sink. Ugh, I’m going to have to gather all this wet lumpy knaidel in my bare hands and dump it in the trash can. Yuck.

And then I spotted the light switch on the wall next to the sink. Or rather, the switch… FOR THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL! I could just shove all this junk down the sink drain and “insinkerate” it. Woohoo! (I might have gotten a bit overly excited and run it longer than was necessary.)

I had totally forgotten about this ultimate convenience of the American kitchen: a garbage disposal unit built into the sink that you can activate with the flip of a switch. No need to ever again sully your pretty little fingers by scraping gross grub out of the drain.

I have spotted “insinkerators” in some newer build apartments in London, and in houses in New Zealand, but they seem much more common in the US than anywhere else I’ve been. America is, after all, the land of convenience.


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