Apples getting the egg treatment

To protect my sensitive skin.

To protect my sensitive skin.

I’ve been spotting lots of odd things in the produce section of my supermarket. Not only do all the fruits and vegetables look frighteningly perfect and alike, but they also seem to be adorned with an unnecessary amount of packaging. This seems to be increasingly common practice in the US.

To me it seems like fresh, uncut fruit and veg should not have any packaging. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong here, but don’t most agricultural products come with their own natural built-in packaging? Like, um, a banana has a peel. An avocado has a skin. A nut has a shell. A cob of corn has a husk. And look how nicely grapes are already bunched together by mother nature.

I don’t really get why an apple, which has a skin protecting its flesh, needs to be encased in a plastic orb like a delicate egg. Frankly, when I shop for apples, I usually don’t even bother to put them in a plastic bag; as long as the cashier can weigh them at the register, I see no reason why they can’t get thrown directly into my larger shopping bag, along with the box of cereal and bunch of carrots.

I’ve (mis)treated my fresh foods in this way many a time and I’ve never lamented the lack of packaging. It is only certain delicate fruits like raspberries or strawberries that need to be encased in a punnet. For most other produce, it seems to me like an absurd environmental tragedy to take what is normally a completely biodegradable product and make it into a waste-producing product.



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2 responses to “Apples getting the egg treatment

  1. Connie

    Agree wholeheartedly. In Peru i typically ask them to withhold the bag at the register and they usually think im joking

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