Freon breeze

Now which one of these best simulates 5 degrees below the outside air temperature?

Now which one of these settings best simulates five degrees below the outside air temperature?

It’s a beautiful spring day, sunny and warm. A lovely day for a drive. You hop into your friend’s car and as he/she pulls out of the garage, you’re looking forward to that fresh breeze blowing in your face as the car rolls down the road, working up to a wind that whips your hair as you hit the highway on-ramp. 

WRONG. Try rolling up all the windows and flipping on the air conditioning. Because why would you want to be exposed to a temperate outdoor climate of 72°F when you could recreate an artificial 67°F inside a closed box? Why enjoy a comfortable natural outdoor temperature when you could be a bit goose-bumpy at the flick of a switch? 

Americans love air conditioning. In their houses, their offices, their shopping malls, and especially their cars. Many places in the US become excessively hot and muggy in the summer, and you don’t want to be sweating buckets – I get it. But I feel like the excessive (ab)use of air conditioning is a typically American practice. It becomes a default action – Step 1: get in your car, Step 2: turn on your air conditioning – even when it’s totally unnecessary.

How about we give mother nature a chance?


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