Mutant donuts

This is do-NUTS.

This is do-NUTS.

I went to my favorite bagel joint the other day, took a peek in the pastry case, and had a fright as I witnessed what was the largest donut I have ever seen in my entire life.

I mean, this was no ordinary donut. It was a GIANT donut. The size of my head, in fact. It was like a donut on steroids. Or an Alice in Wonderland donut that had swallowed the “eat me” cake. Or a megalomaniac donut that imagined itself to be a cake.

Whatever the case, it was a gargantuan donut. Everyone knows that American serving sizes are notoriously large. But it’s not just the main courses that are over sized. The pastries are also mammoth. At least the ones for sale in the bakeries often are. Who would want a cookie that fits in your hand, if you could have one that hides your face? Why would you eat a donut as an accompaniment to your coffee, if you could one that your coffee cup fits inside?



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