Mac & Orange

All that radioactive orange goodness.

All that radioactive orange goodness.

I totally ate macaroni and cheese for dinner the other night. No, not homemade macaroni and cheese (although, for the record, I do know how to make a proper macaroni and cheese casserole from scratch, replete with homemade breadcrumbs).

I’m talking about Kraft macaroni and cheese, straight out of the box in its two essential parts: (1) dry macaroni pasta, and (2) a bag of “cheese.” And when I say cheese, I mean powered processed cheese. And when I say powered processed cheese, I mean… bright orange powder. This is truly cheese in its most abstract form.

Yes, I’m in my 30s, and yes, that instant Kraft “dinner” still tastes as good as it did when I was 18 years old in a college dorm in Canada (although I now have actual butter and milk to mix into the boiled pasta and cheese packet, rather than just making do with adding water… see how grown up I am).

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge just how awesome this quintessential American meal is.  No matter that most Europeans would be revolted (and/or blinded) by the sight of it. Kraft macaroni and cheese is perhaps the most instant, the most easy to make, and the most inexpensive of American mass-produced comfort foods. God Bless.


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