Walking on four wheels

Strip Mall

It’s a long walk to the cleaner’s.

I went home over the weekend to visit family and friends. We drove to the strip mall near the house. Actually, we could have walked, given that it is just less than one mile from the house. But, that was clearly out of the question. We were, after all, not carless.

We ate lunch in a sandwich place at one end of the strip mall and, after lunch, I fancied having an ice cream. The ice cream parlor is located at the other end of the strip mall. You can clearly see the ice cream place from the sandwich place. The strip mall is, after all, not much more than one tenth of a mile long (say, 500 feet).

So, we walked to the ice cream place. And by “walked,” I mean went went back to the car (which was parked right next to the sandwich shop), got in the car, drove to the other end of the strip mall, and re-parked the  car in front of the ice cream parlor. Because this is America, and that’s what you do. Why walk when you can drive? If you want exercise, just go to the gym, stupid.


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