A jug of coke

I was looking to slake, not drown, my thirst.

I was looking to slake, not drown, my thirst.

DC is baking hot in the summer. I love it. But sometimes I get a little thirsty as I beat the hot pavement blocks. So I stop into the 7-11 or corner shop to buy myself a can of diet coke and quench my thirst.

The thing is, there never is just a can of diet coke for sale. Inevitably, the fridge is stacked full of those large 20 ounce bottles of soda. Why does everything have to be so BIG?

Who drinks that much soda? Even if you wanted to drink 20 ounces of soda, it would likely go flat before you reached the bottom. You’d have to chug it. And it is so unpleasant – for the drinker and for the environment – to drink from plastic. Eww.

I really miss drinking soft drinks from the reusable glass bottles that are commonplace in Africa. I swear the coke tastes and feels better in a bottle. Given the choice, I’d choose in this order: (a) bottle, (b) can, (c) plastic.


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