One coffee with milk (and waste)

K-CupI drink a lot of coffee at work. (Actually, the words “at work” could be removed from that sentence.) But, sadly, the office doesn’t have a coffee maker with a pot full of warm brewed coffee, or a waitress that comes around and refills my mug.

Instead, the coffee comes from a Keurig machine that makes individual cups of coffee, brewed one cup at a time. You place a “K-cup” (filled with coffee of a flavor of your choice) into the brewer, which punctures the foil lid and the bottom of the cup and forces hot water through the coffee inside, immediately brewing you a single serving of coffee.

What is the obsession with individual servings in America? I feel guilty every time I make myself a coffee, because I know that plastic cup is going into a landfill somewhere afterward, along with all those napkins and plastic utensils.


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