Instant comfort

Gratification in five minutes.

Gratification in five minutes.

Every country and culture has its own comfort food. I’ve blogged about many of my favorite American comfort foods (to the point that I think Home Strange Home could legitimately be mistaken for a food blog).

Well when I want comfort, and I want it now. And I love that many American favorites are instantly available. While some people may find instant just-add-hot-water mashed potato flakes unacceptable, I personally find them secretly soothing. (Then again, I do also enjoy reconstituted refried beans from Taco Hell, so perhaps my judgment is questionable.)

There is something just so satisfying about following a simple, three-step process on the back of a box to create a warm, buttery, creamy, carby proxy to all sorts of otherwise labor-intensive goodness. I feel the same way about instant mac and cheese, which has its own distinct charm apart from real macaroni and cheese. And not only because I didn’t have to wait for it.

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