Not good-bye

I'll miss you, Americana!

I’ll miss you, Americana!

I am so sad to tell my readers that I need to take a hiatus from my Home Strange Home blog. For the very good reason that I am… going abroad again. Yes, really. After just under one year in the US (I started this blog at the end of January 2014), I am once again leaving (those who know anything about me are probably not surprised).

I have accepted a promotion at work to take an eight-month assignment in South Africa and Botswana. So, I will be back! And, I will surely have even more reverse culture shock to freshly blog about upon my return. In the meantime, enjoy America for me.


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2 responses to “Not good-bye

  1. Susie Horne

    look forward to hearing more from you and your latest adventures Katie – and delighted to hear its a promotion!

  2. kevin keating

    HI, I don’t know if you will see this but I see that you were in Hargeisa and wanted to ask a few questions.

    Firstly do you think it is safe? just for a few days.

    Do you have any contacts that may be willing to host a couchsurfer or even meet me for a coffee and talk about Hargeisa?

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