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TV here, TV there, TV everywhere

I'll have a seat in the non-TV section, please.

I’ll have a seat in the non-TV section, please.

I have never owned a television. I have lived in houses that had televisions in them, when I was renting a room in a shared apartment. But even with a TV at my ready disposal, I would never turn it on. I have no interest in TV and I never watch it.

Well, I never watch it voluntarily. I say that because, since returning to the US, I’ve realized that in America it is hard not to watch television. Everywhere you go, there is television. Or should I say, there are televisions.  Because usually there are multiple TVs.

There are TVs in bars. OK, this is to be expected; it’s normal for many bars throughout the world have at TV or two. But in the US, bars often have an entire ring of televisions encircling all sides of the room. There are so many TVs that you don’t even know where to look when you enter the bar. Basically, anywhere you sit in the bar, you will have a view of the TV. I mean, a view of *a* TV.

But it doesn’t stop with the bars. There are often TVs in restaurants, too. Because, who goes to a restaurant to enjoy a meal, or to converse with their companion? Why give your undivided attention to your meal or your friend/partner, when you could be constantly distracted by the TV screen flashing over their shoulder?

There are also TVs in the gym, so I’m hard pressed to work out without watching television out of the corner of my eye. There are TVs in the airport, so when I want to read a book while I wait for my flight, I have to ignore the CNN news in the background (and of course the harder I try to ignore it, the more I pay attention to it). There is a TV at the office, so every time I walk through the lobby, some advertising shits in my brain.

On the bright side, you’re never hard pressed to find a place to watch the World Cup.

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